We want to ensure you receive a design that meets the specific requirements of your project. Please provide us with additional information by filling out our Design Request Form. You can fill it out online or click the pdf button on the right to download the form. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Our design services are FREE once you complete this form. Here is how the process works:

For a Donor Wall, Memorial Wall, or Custom Design:

Step 1: We will send you several drawings based on the information you provide. You will choose a design from the drawings and then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: We will provide a complete cost estimate for the wall design you selected. Once you approve the project estimate, you are ready for Step 3.

Step 3: We will send you a full-size drawing and material sample(s) for final approval.

For a Standard Donor Tree:
Select a tree design from our catalog to receive a FREE full-size drawing and proposal.

For a Book of Memory:
If you are interested in our Book of Memory, we can send you an information packet with full-size sample drawings. This packet includes: product details and font sizing charts, six drawings of book "pages" demonstrating different font sizes (to help you select the font size that works best for you), sample drawings of book covers and cover designs, and photographs of completed projects.

Campaign Information:

Cumulative Donations One-time gifts

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Being Planned In Progress Complete

Product Information:

Donor Trees
Donor or Memorial Walls
Donor Plaques
The Book of Memory
Individual Donor Gifts
Room Dedications & Plaques
General Plaques & Signage
Interior Lettering
Exterior Lettering

Standard Custom

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* If you selected Yes, please send us a copy of your logo via email/fax/mail.

Wood Acrylic Bronze Stone Marble Corian OTHER

Site Information:

Entrance Hallway Room Outside OTHER

Classic Modern OTHER

Classic Modern OTHER

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Replace In Addition to Current Not Applicable

Schedule Information:

Word Document Excel Spreadsheet Text File OTHER

Follw up information: Who should we contact to coordinate this project?

Thank you for your interest in Gabel & Schubert and for taking the time to complete this questionnaire!
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